How TV and technology affects the younger generation

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After I was a three-year-old, I remember, as far as my memory goes, we had a television (black and white). There have been two routes: one for kids and one for adults. Our parents wanted to watch tv together as being a household since there have been no great programs on each channel. Both of these mesmerized me and made me wonder how it had been achievable to generate movies or shows? I Always looked here for advice:

The recording and camera recorder were another two amazing wonders for me.

With the camera used by My Father and Mama helping to transform my fanciful dresses, I sat for several photo shoots so when Father introduced the photographs (black-and-white), I’d look at them incomplete amazement. How it was probably my issue again.

And then the tape recorder and music and tunes came into play. My dad could also hear the announcement to the video recorder’s stereo portion. Which was great enough for me. Nevertheless the day Pop documented the dialogues among me, Dad and my cousin, I had been spellbound when Father enjoyed it.

So camera, tv and tape recorder were all we got those years back in the days; nevertheless, I had been more than happy and happy that they were held by my children as well. TV’s were also much cheaper back in the days like here:

But how about today, children that are contemporary are not happy at all with the things they have. Using the various extraordinary tools arriving newer and modern products, like a smart tv (, who’d not be lured to possess them? Nevertheless, it is your decision to create your kids and understand that they can not possess each and every system available but only once in awhile they can get something within your desired budget range.

What’s promising is that equally modern children and old-generation kids (who have become adults by now) have a very important factor in-common? They are ready to understand. If you can instruct them the correct ethics as well as the moral values, they’ll adjust to your desires and never need vast quantities of new products. They are ready to listen and will seldom produce disorder and overcome fallbacks if you’re able to encourage them with reasoning and rationality inside. If you can do that, they will not require everything out there. They’ll stay along with you at peace and harmony, without causing troubles.

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Useful Tips to Improve Your SEO Website

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There are people who choose to hire a quality SEO service to optimize their website. However, there are two issues with this particular method. The first one is that such services tend to be expensive and second, not all site services you find online do a good job.
Below are a few quick tips that you can do to further improve your SEO efforts.

Plan Your SEO Website from the Start

A lot of people make the mistake of creating a website without giving a thought if their site will be found by search engines or not. It is only after they create the site that they make several tweaks to try and make the site more SEO friendly. One thing you have to know is that SEO must be done before anything else, during the planning stage and not as a simple afterthought.

Plan Your Site’s SEO Design“plan”

Make sure that you plan your website for your prospect or visitor first and foremost. Your website must be easy to navigate and easy to read for the visitors. It must be uncluttered, clear, concise and clean. You also have to make your site easy to read for search engine bots.

Add a Title Tag to Every Page“title-tags”

For better SEO, each page of your site must be treated like it is a completely different site with a related theme. The tag is the most crucial aspect of your search engine. The tag will tell the search engines as to what your page is all about. It means that each page must have a unique title tag that will be optimized. It will also prevent search engines from thinking they found duplicate content and skip the page as a result.

Description Tags“description-tags”

Your page’s description is what shows up on the search engine page. It is the short summary you see every time a site comes up in a search result. After the title tag, the description with keywords will be the second most vital tag that you must never take for granted. Think of the words you will use if you are the one who searches for the information you are offering. Add these words in the description to yield better results.

Insert Keywords and Phrases“keywords-and-phrases”

The keywords and key phrases you use must be peppered all over your content in the text body. Avoid overstuffing your content with keywords and make it end up not making any sense to the human readers. The rule of thumb here is to stick to a 2 percent keyword density. It means that if you have 500 words of text, the keyword must be used around 10 times only.


Add Keywords in Headlines, Sub-Headers and Headers“sub-headers”

Although only humans need to see headers and headlines in large bold text with various colors, the search engine bots search for tags which will distinguish the essence of word phrases on the webpage. It is why you have to use header tags and others to distinguish the importance of every phrase as to which is the most important and the least important.
Green Genie SEO is a name you can trust to put all these tips into action and make them work to boost the growth and success of your website.

Custom Maps

A Google custom map can be a great source of link juice and a very good way to help your reader learn more about you

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Through the never with your job

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Have you already gotten a job by now or not. We are sorry that we have been down for a while but we are back. We hope you already have a job now. If not than we have good news for you because our website will be up very soon again to give you a new job. Sitting at home is no fun we understand that. Therefore, we would like to help you get the most bank for your buck. Stay in touch and visit our other websites and pages for updates. Looking forward talking to you. Thank you regarding our team

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